What We Do

The Capital for Good Advocacy Initiative is focused on identifying, vetting, and funding grants and contracts for innovative, high-impact advocacy projects that promote more and better use of resources, effective policies, and greater visibility of issues critical to the global health community.

Capital for Good recognizes that some organizations, both public and private,  are overlooked as potential partners in the advancement of global health and development issues. In many cases, these organizations  are already engaged with the global health and development community and, with additional support, have the potential to extend their influence— convening power, education efforts, and fundraising tactics to benefit critical issues in the global health community.

The CfG Advocacy Initiative seeks to (1) identify promising partners, (2) assist in developing high-impact projects that will impact advocacy efforts for global health, and (3) ensure that our partners implement projects to their fullest capabilities.

CfG grants support a range of activities, including: helping to recruit global health advocates, developing advocacy strategies, informing the global health community of complex policy issues, and building relationships among key stakeholders.