There are three core components to the Fund:


Integrated Sectors:

The Integrated Fund takes its name from our fundamental belief that for long term, sustainable growth in a community, the development of multiple sectors must be integrated. We recognize the complementary roles that the economic, health, and education sectors play within any community. For poverty to be effectively alleviated and livelihoods improved for the long-term, these sectors                                             must be simultaneously impacted in  ways that support mutual growth.



Blended Capital:

We define blended capital as the coordinated use of grants, loans, and equity investments to promote development within interrelated sectors. Our blended capital approach unites donors and investors through a common goal to create a lasting impact by strategically applying different types of funding as appropriate. 



Concentrated Impact:

The Integrated Fund believes that sustainable development can only occur through a long-term, targeted approach that drives societal and economic change in tandem. To this end, the Fund concentrates its efforts on multiple sectors in one location over a ten-year period. Learn more about this approach and the rationale behind it here.


                                  The Integrated Fund provides an opportunity for                                                entrepreneurial philanthropists to invest in a creative model that has the               potential to generate a significant social return.

                 For more information, visit the Integrated Fund website.