Capital for Good provides access to exceptional, high-impact giving opportunities and allows donors and grantmakers to give domestically or internationally in a safe and effective way. 

Benefits of Partnering with Capital for Good

Cost-effective, tax-deductible giving. As a 501(c)(3), we provide a tax receipt for all gifts made through Capital for Good intended for both domestic and international grants.

Safe and effective international giving. Capital for Good conducts rigorous due diligence for all international grant recipients, ensuring funds are going to the most effective grant recipients, as well as meeting or exceeding all US government regulations. 

Active grant managementCapital for Good works with you to revise grant allocations so that the highest performing programs are expanded and sub par programs are reduced or eliminated. We'll also work with you to identify new grantees to provide additional scope and impact according to your philanthropic goals.

No administrative burdens or paperwork. Capital for Good makes giving what it should be: simple, fulfilling and meaningful. We offer complete administrative services, including grant processing, program monitoring, and financial and regulatory reporting to keep your philanthropic investments running smoothly.

Reporting. Regular reporting lets you know how your donations helped achieve measurable outcomes in the lives of people in need.