Financing Alliance for Health


The Financing Alliance for Health is a multi-partner initiative that aims to help governments design and fund health systems, beginning at the community level. By leveraging existing funds and mobilizing new funding for governments, the Financing Alliance provides stronger and more effective health systems.

The Financing Alliance’s mission is to help governments design and fund ambitious, affordable, and at-scale community health programs, including by finding innovative financing pathways and investment opportunities that utilize the private sector. The Financing Alliance aims to:

  • Provide value-added and long-term capacity to governments in designing and financing community health systems, including by embedding expertise.

  • Serve as a facilitator between the worlds of finance and health in developing countries.

  • Push the envelope on how to finance community health as part of sustainable integrated health systems.

  • Enable true south-to-south learning with only deliberate involvement from external financing experts.

The Financing Alliance has the distinct ability to draw on private sector knowledge of financial structuring, and access to private sector financing opportunities.

This project is fiscally sponsored by Capital for Good USA.