About Us


Our Mission

Capital for Good USA serves to alleviate poverty and suffering, and advance the health, education, prosperity and well-being of poor, vulnerable, and marginalized people in the United States and around the world.

We are passionate about ensuring that grant capital is allocated to the world’s hardest places and to the most capable organizations, tackling the world’s most urgent community development problems.


What We Do

Capital for Good provides access to exceptional, high-impact giving opportunities, allowing donors and grantmakers to give domestically or internationally in a safe and effective way.


We help philanthropists and organizations:

  • Find, cultivate, and engage donors.

  • Collaborate with others for greater collective impact.

  • Launch and manage pooled funds to increase giving on a particular issue.

  • Design, build, and implement programs.

  • Communicate impact through stories, photos, metrics, and field visits. 


Capital for Good promotes collaboration. We build and operate pooled funds to bring together donors who want to be part of shared solutions to big problems. Our donors can be involved in the initial stages of creating a fund or program to tackle the specific problem they are interested in solving.

We partner with our grantees to remain flexible and responsive in ever-changing environments. We emphasize the importance of capturing lessons learned and organizational adaptability as a way to measure the success of projects in the short-term with full awareness of the challenges usually faced by organizations to demonstrate impact.